I have practiced new media design and web site development for about 12 years now. I am an experienced designer and photographer. I have designed dozens of websites, most on a small island called Saipan. Now I live in Hawaii.

My design focus is on usability, speed and the understanding that good design is not only about making things look good but making things work better.

My design style can be summarized by two words “simple elegance”.

Finding a complete solution for the client is the ultimate goal therefore I specialize in database driven web sites that can be updated by the client thru web-based administration forms.

If you want full control over your website and like to be self sufficient then I am the designer for you. I like to build it so that you can use it without having to call me every time you want a change made.

Please call (808)282-5499 or send email (liz at inikoa dot com) for an appointment.

If you want someone to set up your store and run it for you then I can only recommend that you work with another designer/developer.


* Consultation: $ 45 per hour (first hour free)
* Graphic and Web Design: $ 45 per hour
* Programming: $ 140 per hour
* Training: $ 35 per hour
* Digital photo editing: $ 35 per hour
* Photo sessions: $100 per session, about an hour, free dvd with all the best photos of the session.